Laura Quinn is an artist who explores the psychological and emotional connections between her work and the viewer.  The situations that she creates force the mind out of its comfort zone and often to diagnose one’s own assumptions and fears.  Quinn’s work has been showcased in galleries, festivals, videos, and at artist lectures.  Currently, her artwork is being displayed at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She has most recently had her work published in Point Park University newspaper The Globe.  With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Point Park University, freelancer Quinn was the film set photographer for Superb Owl Productions.  She has also expanded her film career by assisting the costume, special effects, and set dressing departments on several major motion picture productions in Pittsburgh.  In an effort to add to Pittsburgh's growing art scene, she worked with a colleague to create and curate 3C Gallery, a community gallery within the Carnegie Coffee Company where local artists can showcase various art forms.  Quinn then pursued a Master's in Communication Technology at Point Park University and fulfilled the role of the Photography & Photojournalism Department's graduate assistant.  Her education has led her to becoming the graphic designer and consultant of social media, branding and marketing for non-profits in the Pittsburgh region.


                2015 - Alumni Exhibition, Point Park University

                2014 - Solo Show, 3C Gallery

                2013 – Senior Thesis Exhibition, The Rocking Horse Artspace

                2012-2013 – Ciao Point Park! Italian Gallery Exhibition, Point Park University

                2011-2012 – Point Park University Media Expositions

                2009 – Pittsburgh Technical Institute Spring Exhibition



                2013 – Senior Thesis Exhibition Photographs. The Globe. 13 March 2013.

                2009 – Academic Accomplishments. Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

                2008 – C.A.U.S.E. Finalist. Pittsburgh Tribune Review Signal Item.

                2007-2009 – Photography/Film  C.A.U.S.E. Achievements. IN Chartiers Valley Magazine.